Lighthouse Consulting has been providing operational solutions to credit issuers, collection agencies and collection law firms since 2003. We provide process improvements, staff training and development programs, then we use Six Sigma methodologies to create processes that are best in class.

“Lighthouse Consulting, LLC is dedicated to the development and implementation of tailored management systems and the required supportive human behaviors. Our work is focused on accelerating substantial improvements in total resource utilization that are measurable and sustainable.”

After many years auditing agencies and law firms our President Phillip W.Duff has been able to help the clients of Lighthouse Consulting to find operational solutions to any and every issue found within the collection industry. Mr. Duff has been in over 100 collection agencies and collection law firms during his auditing career providing him an insight and knowledge level unsurpassed in the industry. The average industry veteran has only been in a handful of collection shops during his career Mr. duff has had the opportunity to review and consult with hundreds of collection shops over the last 20 years.With Mr. Duff’s leadership the employees of Lighthouse Consulting also have direct access to this knowledge providing extreme value to the entire client base of Lighthouse Consulting.

“Our results consistently exceed expectation and commitment with rapid, substantial increases in customer satisfaction, productivity, cost competitiveness and operating profit.”