Staff Development

Providing staff development programs is the core of Lighthouse Consulting’s business. We have been providing staff training and development training to collection agencies, law firms, debt issuers and debt buyers since 2003. We believe that staff training and development will provide the highest return on the dollar for a business owner in the debt collection industry.

We have many different staff development and training programs available for your business. We will create a custom program for your law firm or collection agency based upon the current skill level of your staff and the goals set together with your management team. We can then assist you to deploy the program and provide follow-up tools to make certain the training is successful and is followed as it was designed.

“Our mission is to design and implement new “Operating Models” to achieve specific increases in client competitiveness and profit margins.”

Lighthouse Consulting’s methodology integrates Six Sigma changes in core value-creating processes, management systems, and technology with sustainable changes in organizational behavior to fuel extraordinary results.
Our results consistently exceed expectation and commitment with rapid, substantial increases in customer satisfaction, productivity, cost competitiveness and operating profit.

Creating follow-up to any training may be the most important part but this part is often overlooked by managers and other consultancies. Here at Lighthouse Consulting we believe that not only providing you a quality easy to deploy program is important but leaving you with the proper tools to continue the improvements after we have gone.

“Staff training and development begins at the top and rolls to your newest employee it does not begin with your newest employee and roll uphill. Lighthouse Consulting has training programs for the CEO and all his management staff as well as collector training programs for the newly hired.”

If your training program does not meet the standards call us today to discuss how Lighthouse Consulting can help you to implement new operating models and to achieve specific increases in client competitiveness and profit margins.

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