Near Shore Staff | Quality Guaranteed

I am so sure of the quality of the workers In Jamaica I will offer you a guarantee that the staff working for your project will meet or beat their counterparts in the US, Canada and the UK. I have been living in Jamaica and helping US, Canadian and UK businesses set up their own call centers here in Montego Bay for the last 4 years. I have seen how much better the staff in Jamaica produce compared to the staff in the US particularly and I will guarantee my clients that the staff can do the work and succeed. 

In addition to the great staffing you will get ,you will myself and my Jamaican staff dedicated to making sure you are successful. I am dedicated to just that one thing making you successful in Jamaica. I will provide lots of cultural assistance, island knowledge and local customs so you will have the best opportunity to be the best center possible. 

This is the Lighthouse difference the fact we know you, the customer are the most important link in this chain. The quality staff and all the other parts of the chain will break without you so it is our duty to make you successful. 

I would like to spend a few minutes with you to explain how you can open your own office in Jamaica easier than you think. For as little as $10 hourly you can begin production and that includes everything including the staff. 

Learning Points;

How to open your own office in Jamaica. 

Why Jamaica? 

Why is every Fortune 500 Company in Jamaica already? 

What do get for $10 hourly? 

Why Jamaican staff are the perfect choice.

More about the IT infrastructure of the island.  


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