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By relating the collection industry to other sales opportunities Phillip W.Duff the President of Lighthouse Consulting has been able to help many organizations to increase their sales levels, increase compassionate sales approaches and provide insight into body language and voice inflections. This training has helped ti increase sales and retention percentages for our clients.

Lighthouse Consulting has provided training in many other industries. Debt collection is likely the hardest sale that has ever existed so being able to relate these stories to sales personnel and other industries provides extreme value to the companies. The ability to teach someone to collect a delinquent bill is very similar to the skills needed to close any sales call.

“The ability to teach listening skills as well as timed and measured responses can have amazing results with your sales or collections staff.”

We have been creating sales programs for over 30 years. Mr. Duff is an experienced speaker and trainer who is often called on to speak at industry conventions, national vendor sales meetings and many other public events annually. Please contact our sales department at 904-687-1687 to book Mr. Duff at your event.

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