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In today’s ARM marketplace if compliance is not at the top of your list you will not survive. Most of the issues currently felt by the owners and managers of collection agencies and collection law firms are related to some type of compliance requirement or issue. Whether it’s TCPA, FDCPA, HIPAA or the fear of the CFPB we are all feeling in the impact of compliance the current marketplace.

“In today’s marketplace compliance equals sustainability, success and quality clientele.”

Lighthouse Consulting has spent many years researching and vetting compliance solutions for its client base and the industry in general. We have been able to find many quality solutions to the compliance hurdles created by the regulators in today’s marketplace.

Whether you are looking to gain security certificates or just become compliant it is a big step and requires lots of work that may take you away for your daily activities and reduce your focus on profits. This is a great use for a consultant so you can focus on growing your business not compliance remediation.

As the compliance landscape changes we look for the solutions that will allow our clients to best comply while still keeping profits in mind. We have noticed that many solutions provide compliance but at the same time empty your pocketbook. With the compliance budget growing for the ARM industry this becomes a big concern.

We spend many hours every week looking for better solutions to share with our clients.We know as a business owner or managing partner that you cannot spend the time required to stay on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape.

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