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Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that has been in use by companies like Ford, General Motors, Toyota, GE credit and many institutions in the banking industry. Six Sigma provides tools to it’s agents that help them create better processes, measure the results and make substantial process improvements.

“Our research tells us that 48% of collection agency managers and law firm partners only look for improvements at conferences. Lighthouse Consulting has been providing its client base the newest and hottest technology solutions long before the average agency or law firm ever discovers their existence.”

This provides an excellent opportunity for the clients of Lighthouse Consulting to have the most effective processes in the industry. Six Sigma also provides strong measuring tools and tactics that are extremely effective in the ARM industry.

By incorporating Six Sigma into Lighthouse Consulting’s core base we have been able to help our clients to make substantial process improvements propelling them much further and much faster then could’ve ever been conceived without the use of Six Sigma.

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