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Lighthouse Consulting has been the premier operational consultant to the financial sector, since 2003. Lighthouse has been helping banks, creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies, law firms and vendors to these sectors to create better processes, increase production and decrease costs as well as training and development plans for the entire company


Lighthouse Consulting helps debt collection companies operate at their highest possible level while reducing the costs to operate. Using decades of experience in the debt collection industry Lighthouse Consulting can review a collection operation and find hidden improvements.

The primary focus of Lighthouse Consulting’s engagements is to help the operator increase profits so the improvements should quickly pay for themselves. By creating increased production and reducing costs to collect, the consulting creates profits.

Yes. Compliance is part of everything we do in the debt collection business so Lighthouse is very experienced in compliance solutions that create complete compliance and control the cost of same.

Yes, many of our clients have come to us to help them grow their operation or to sell the operation. We have found that many operators find a ceiling that impedes their growth. Lighthouse Consulting over the past decades has helped many clients to break thru their ceiling and obtain the requested growth.

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