Happy Labor Day | Are You Ready To Reduce Your Labor Costs While Getting Better Staff?

FACT: You can get YOUR OWN OFFICE in Jamaica for just $10 hourly including everything including the staff. 

DEFINITION: Your own office- This means you manage it, it is on your software using your vendors and strategies. Lighthouse provides a large screen smart TV, cameras and Voip phones so you can stay in contact with your managers and staff. But it is your office and you can tell your clients that you opened a new office in Jamaica and you have control of the staff and all compliance for that office. 

So are you ready to learn more about what you get for $10? Well the answer is easy everything you will need and more. Computers, chairs, internet, firewalls, smart switches, IT support, HR support, payroll service, payroll taxes paid and experienced staff are all included in the $10 hourly. I give you all the tools,  great staff and managers you must supply training, collection system, skip vendors and oversight. I recommend you devote lots of time to training in the first 90 days just like you would if the new office was in Bismarck, ND, Las Vegas Lakes, NV, or Orlando, Fl. 

We are having an Open House here in Montego Bay, Jamaica on October 14-16th and I would like to invite you to attend. There is no cost except your airfare and lodging. You will meet my staff and be able to see their skill levels, you will attend sessions that will teach you more about the call center business here in Jamaica. 

Here is more info http://jamaica.lighthouseconsultinginc.com

Let me know if your interested we will help you get a great hotel rate. 

Open House Learning Points

How to open your own office in Jamaica. 

Why Jamaica? 

Why is every Fortune 500 Company in Jamaica already? 

What do get for the $10 hourly? 

Why Jamaican staff are the perfect choice.

More about the IT infrastructure of the island. 

If your interested in more info reply to this email for more info.