Google releases changes to its SEO policies

Lighthouse Consulting’s website design team has been doing a lot of research on the recently released Penguin 2.0 update from Google and here is the High Level.

It’s all about relevancy and tamping down the SEO spammers.  Bottom line, quantity of backlinks matters less than the relevancy of the backlink.  Meaning, you must focus on backlinks form relevant sites relating to software, collections, financial services, and backlinks form Press releases.  Google refers to it as Earned Backlinks.


So, here is the recommendation for our clients:

1) Blog articles – You need to blog two times per week about a subject matter specific to your collection business.  This is critical. two blog posts a week over the course of the year is 100 HIGH PR backlinks from other crucial websites. The Lighthouse staff can help you write your articles are we can write and post them for you.

2) Press Release distribution  –  You need to distribute 12 press releases per year at least.  This Lighthouse service formats the release for the web, incorporates backlinking and keywords and stays live on the web longer, ensuring the release gets better visibility over time.

3) Videos-You must continue to add videos, and we need to incorporate those videos into the blog posts, so make them relevant and informative to the subject matter of the blog post, showing software screenshot/demos something relevant to your business  Content, Content, Content. Our Lighthouse staff can also produce your videos and post them

4) Social Media – Googel+, YouTube, Linked IN, FaceBook, Twitter, etc…  You already do a good job here, but you’re going to need to manage many industry groups and post every blog on these sites this is something we can help you with as well.

5) Natural language Meta Data – if you don’t know what this means that you need our Lighthouse staff to help you with it. Meta Descriptions and Image ALT Tags is critical.  Watch for keyword stuffing, but use the keywords naturally in the body copy of the page.

These are just a few recommendations, but should keep you busy for a while.  Please let me know if you need some help with any of this.

Thanks for the opportunity,
Lighthouse Consulting Web Development team

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