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Lighthouse Consulting, LLC is dedicated to the development and implementation of tailored management systems and the required supportive human behaviors. Our work is focused on accelerating substantial improvements in total resource utilization that are measurable and sustainable.Our mission is to design and implement new “Operating Models” to achieve specific increases in client competitiveness and profit margins.

Lighthouse Consulting’s methodology integrates Six Sigma changes in core value-creating processes, management systems, and technology with sustainable changes in organizational behavior to fuel extraordinary results. Our results consistently exceed expectation and commitment with rapid, substantial increases in customer satisfaction, productivity, cost competitiveness and operating profit.

Six Sigma Solutions

Process improvements using six Sigma create success that is documented and measurable…Read More

Compliance Solutions

We have technology and human solutions that can help fill your compliance needs…Read More

Technology Solutions

The biggest advancements a ARM company can make are in technology…Read More

Operational Solutions

Operational improvements bring immediate left to your processes, let us share best practices with you… Read More

Near Shore Solutions

We can assist you to open a callcenter near shore or to set up a project .Read More

Executive Development

Training begins at the top and rolls downhill, we have been working with CEOs for over a decade…Read More

Staff Development

We have been training collectors for 30 years and we have developed highly effective training programs…Read More

Sales Development

Let us train your sales staff to be more compassionate, understanding and effective…Read More


I met Phil Duff in 2007 and we began working relationship just over a year ago, a decision I am glad I made.  I have found Phil to be dependable honest and efficient. I invited him to my office and over the last year he has implemented valuable processes for my team. Phil has impressed me with his ability to listen to concerns and find a solution. His unique approach gets the desired result accomplished with effectiveness.  I can confidently recommend Phil Duff for your business needs.
Phillip Stenger – Stenger & Stenger P.C.
We no longer waste time and money wondering what we are missing. There is a greater comfort level, increased excitement amongst our staff and a genuine sense of greater things to come.
James B Atkins, Esq. Atkins and Ogle
In a matter of days, Phil showed me opportunities for improvement in our current operations that led me to engage his firm for extended period to help me improve our processes and develop our staff.
Peter G Roach, Roach Law Firm
Phil has the ability to understand a collection process, see its value and suggest an improved version of the process that can be more productive.
Stuart Wolpoff, Wolpoff and Abramson
I felt that our old internal people, while very talented needed some input from someone outside the organization with vast industry experience. Phillip filled that need.
Geoff Miller, PRC
Phillip has demonstrated a great knowledge and practical approach toward the issues we have faced.
Ken Wilson, ESQ.
I have known Phil for approximately 3-4 years and have worked with him directly during some of this time. ..He is very straight forward and honest.  Phil has served as a consultant to me and my law firm. I found Phil to be very knowledgeable on lean management, six sigma and other debt collection processes. He seems to be quick on the uptake and has a handle on cutting edge industry issues. He takes a no nonsense approach to solving issues and follows up very well. He also understands collection metrics and how to use them to gain efficiencies.
Keith D. Weiner.

Lighthouse Consulting can show you how to position your business for success.

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