Most People See The Value Of Agents In Jamaica But They Can’t Get Past The Challenges

The truth is all the challenges are just in their head stopping them from seeing the reality. Things like I heard they all smoke weed all day, the place is not safe, they have bad electricity, they don’t have the internet needed and many more things that are all untrue. Jamaica is the number one BPO location in the English Speaking Caribbean, supporting several debt collection call centers and many Fortune 500 companies. 

Yes there are challenges to doing business in a foreign country but you need to do the research and see how best to navigate, reduce or avoid those challenges. Banking, HR regulations, taxes and much more have to be evaluated. Hiring and payroll are other challenges that must be addressed. 

The question is how much do you know about doing business in Jamaica? Now that you admit to yourself you know nothing you need a knowledgable person to guide you. That is what I did when I got here 4 years ago and that’s what can do for you today. I moved to Montego Bay almost 4 years ago to figure out how to do business in Jamiaca and then how to sell that to my clients and the industry. I failed over and over again at many tasks and processes until I began to find a rhythm and finely can manage most obstacles with ease. 

I learned that you can’t truly figure out how to do business here in less that 2 years of living here full time. Going back and forth provides a different experience than that of living on the island every day. Learning how to navigate daily tasks like insurance, car repairs, hardware store visits and shopping. This is how you learn to be part of the culture and thats is how you are able to teach others how to do business in a foreign country. 

So if you want the benefits of my experience and also the ease of avoiding all the unknowns then my program is for you. I will provide you a turnkey operation with staff for just $10 per production hour. Computer stations, internet, chairs and people all for just $10 per hour. 

Since you ned help and want security and protection from the unknowns my project is set up just for you. Call me to discus this further, Phillip W. Duff 904-347-5901 is my cell number.