You Have Three options… Which One Is Going To Be Easier For You?

Staffing challenges are about to be multiplied as the industry opens up again and enters a new growth period. 2019 has already created many staffing issues for debt collectors such as ghost employees, low unemployment rates, hiring difficulties and training and retention issues. The 2019 US employee come with lots of challenges. So How are you going to react to this opportunity or problem? The way I see it you have three choices. 

The first choice is to beef up your recruitment and training by increasing compensation and creating and buying the best training that you can find. You will need to pay more to get better staff and then you will have keep them engaged so you can increase retention. There are many HR professionals that can help you create the workplace that the staff want. No dress codes, no titles, no fixed office space, open work areas that look like hotel lobbies and many other changes will be required to keep these generations engaged. 

The second choice is to do nothing different and just get the most out of your current staff and processes. Live a life of turn over and initial training and last as long as you can in a changing marketplace. This is a non choice actually but it what many of you will choose. 

The third choice is to move your labor nearshore. The cost is 1/3 per hour of that in the US and the overall costs can be 1/3 of your overall cost to collect in the US. The labor force is ready to work and has all the skills required to do the jobs. Whether it is debt collectors, clickers, skip tracers or legal process servicing it can all be done more efficiently at must less cost in a nearshore location such as Jamaica. And guess what the staff in Jamaica is easier to manage than the staff in the US, they want to work, they appreciate the job and the wages. They want your company to be successful and grow. 

Thats why I moved to Montego Bay, Jamaica several years ago, I saw the labor force deteriorating in the US and knew that Jamaica was the answer to staffing issues for the debt collection industry. I know that many Fortune 500 companies had their call centers here and I knew there had been debt collection done here since the 90’s. Now I help companies like yours open their own office in Jamaica and take advantage of the nearshore labor benefits. For between $8-10 hourly I can show you a turnkey solution to your staffing issues in 2019 and beyond. That includes everything for just $10 hourly from computers to staff. Let’s talk if choice #3 is your choice.