If I Can Give You Better Employees At 1/3 The Cost Will You Move Some Staff To Jamaica?

There are two kinds of people in this industry. As the industry seems to be entering a growth period as regulations loosen and banks begin to move paper again how are you getting ready to take full advantage of this growth period? Do you have the right software, the right vendors in place, the right training programs, the best recruiting and retention programs and the best staff? Which kind of person are you? 

I moved to Jamaica from St Augustine, Fl several years ago because I saw an opportunity, actually a need for the debt collection industry, better staffing options.  I saw that the industry was having big staffing challenges and I knew that Jamaica was great solution. Close proximity, call centers owned by Fortune 500 companies, English speaking and used to the American culture with Millions of US visitors yearly. 

Can’t you see yourself doing this?

Cant you see yourself having a call center in Montego Bay? You come down and spend a week training the staff and laying on the beach with umbrella drinks. Then you go home and manage the staff remotely till it is time for another visit and then just a 2 hour plane ride away your back at your hotel on the beach before going into the office for gap training and team building. Then back home to do it all over again. You plan visits in January when its cold as %^$# in the US. 

Just imagine how much more money you will be making 6 months from now if you reduce your costs to collect by 2/3? But you have to get started now. The good news is I have already done all the work for you. I have spent years on the island learning the culture, HR laws and business practices, I have built the call center, equipped it with computers, firewalls and internet connection we just need you. I have hired the experienced staff and will give it all to you for just $10 an hour per agent. That includes everything you will need to start production on your collection system. 

What happens next? 

We have a call and I explain all this to you again I answer all you questions and you decide if this works for you or not. So are the kind of person who sees opportunity and pounces or are you just going to keep headed down the same road?