How Much Do You Know About Near Shore Staffing? What Questions Do You Have For Me?

I have been a consultant to the debt collection industry for almost 20 years and have 40 years in the industry total. I have been living in Jamaica for the last few years as I saw this coming. I saw the staffing issues in 2016 getting worse I saw Trump elected, I saw consumer lending at its peak and the CFPB disarmed. I knew that the industry had another good period coming soon and we would need good staff and that’s what I can provide you in Jamaica. 

I live full time in Montego Bay, Jamaica I have no home in the US any longer. I have committed to be here to help my clients be successful. To be here to help them take advantage of the great staffing here. To enjoy the weather, the people and the island.

  • I understand the culture I live in it daily
  • I have strong local connections
  • I have a great team of advisors on the island
  • I protect my clients from financial harm
  • I handle HR and IT for my clients 
  • I know how to do business here 

I have already built your call center and it is supplied with computer stations, internet, physical and internet security and the experienced staff you will need to be successful. 

  • Debt collectors 
  • Clicker agents
  • Skip-tracers
  • Legal Processing 
  • Accounting
  • Lead Generation

The point is that I have the answers to the questions you will have while trying to do business in a foreign country. I can guide you and be here when questions arise. 

Let’s talk because I know you need better and cheaper staffing solutions.