Don’t Outsource And Lose Control, Open Up Your Own Office Near Shore

If you need to take advantage of cheaper labor to increase profits, expand portfolio penetration and to get increased production do not outsource and lose control of your inventory, instead open your office near shore with help from an industry veteran. Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica 🇯🇲 has been helping agencies, debt buyers and creditors set up their own collection operation in Jamaica for the past few years. We know all the foreign laws and culture and will make this easy for you to get up and running quickly. 

We have already built your callcenter and filled it with the equipment you will need: computer statins, chairs, whiteboards, cameras, Smart TV and physical and internet security. We will fill the room with experienced debt collectors and your total costs is just $1600 per seat per month. Thats under $10 USD hourly for the staff and the equipment as well as HR, IT and cultural support. You will pay no other fees, no taxes, no currency exchange rates. And I’ll throw in a supervisor for FREE for every 15 collection agents. 

It is your office you must train and manage the staff. This gives the control you need to make sure things are done “your way”. There are many collection agencies here in Jamaica so quality staff already exists here, trained and eager to help your strategies be successful. 

Give me a call to learn more at 904-347-5901, Phillip W. Duff CEO of Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica 🇯🇲