Do Your Staff Stop At The First “NO”? Learn How To Make “NO” The Beginning Not The End

No is not the end ,it is the opening you are looking for, the opening to find out what is needed to get a yes. But instead your staff just move to an easier account and that’s why your liquidation is lower than it should be and maybe lower than than your competition. It is not your staffs fault that they have such a mindset, I mean you have so many accounts for them to work and you have spent your time teaching them to be consumer friendly and to just move on if the person is difficult to persuade. The reason your staff react this way is clearly your fault! Either you need new training or a new approach to training and dealing with NO. Here are some techniques to get around NO. 

Are you open minded about talking about how we can solve this debt? 

This statement is very useful in getting the debtor to open up and share their concerns. Once you can learn what the real objection is your have a chance of overcoming it. But when the debtor stops your staff at NO there is no way to learn what the real issue is. 

The way I see it you have 3 choices which one is easiest for you? 

By giving the debtor choices that make sense and leaving the choice you want them to choose till last you provide a loaded question that will seem easy for the debtor to answer in their own mind. They must first visualize the problem and then visualize a way out. This statement allows them to see and solve the problem. 

I bet you’re a bit like me….

This statement allows the collector and debtor to seem to be alike. I bet you are a bit like me and procrastinate things till they seem to get bigger and are seemingly harder to solve. Well the good news is I can help you resolve this debt today if we just do something now. 

Lighthouse Consulting has been keeping up with the changes in people and how they communicate and respond to certain questions and statements for many years as a result we have developed many proprietary training techniques. If you need to better train your staff give us call.