Nearshore Works You Just Need The Right Partner, Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica

The main reason you do not have a nearshore operation already is you’re scared of the unknown. You’re scared that you don’t know how to do business in a foreign country. The banking, the labor laws, HR challenges, IT unknowns and how do you manage the staff are you main reasons for not moving forward. Well I have solved everyone of those excuses so jump in the pool the waters nice, Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica 🇯🇲 has your back. We will stand lifeguard over your nearshore business daily. 

As a consultant to the debt collection industry for almost 20 years I have spent lots of time building programs that help agencies and debt buyers take advantage of technology, comply to regulations and improve processes and Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica is just the latest extension. We have been helping agencies and debt buyer to open their own offices in Jamaica to take advantage of the exceptional labor. We build out the callcenter, equip it and hire the staff for you to manage and train. Its you office but you just pay hourly per seat thats occupied and that fee is around $10 hourly. Yes, just $10 for all that including the staff. This allows you to get the office open with no financial risk and little financial outlay. 

Lighthouse handles the HR and IT and you just focus on production and training. We are here to guide you as to cultural differences and make sure that the project is successful for both of us.  At just a $1600 a month total cost per seat its easy to see how you can cover and exceed that number easily. 

We know debt collection and we know how to hire and help you manage the best staff. We live a culture of “Ring and Respect” so we will respect you and your clients consumers every day. Thats why are you best partner to get that nearshore operation up and running at no financial risk, let’s talk. 

Phillip W. Duff 904-347-5901 Cell USA    876-395-0826 Cell Jamaica