When do you think you’ll be looking to add Nearshore agents?

As a consultant to the debt collection industry I know you want to open a nearshore operation and reduce your US labor force. So what are you waiting on? Here are the most common answers I hear and why they don’t matter. 

  • My clients will not let me. 

I’ll bet you never ask or if you did you just ask you did not present the idea. I’ll bet everyone of you who say this, do not have the facts to sell yourself much less your client. Have you visited a nearshore operation? Have you researched the culture? do you know other companies that are doing this today? Have you talked to them? Have you really educated yourself? NO!

Many of your clients will be receptive when they know that every Fortune 500 company is doing it from Amazon to Xerox. Do you know that many countries are watching the cable channels you are in the US? Did you know the foreign governments are providing tax incentives? 

Get educated by visiting nearshore locations and asking questions, then sell your clients on the opportunity to collect more money for them. Attend one of Lighthouse Consulting webinars, open houses or just call us to get educated. 

  • I am too busy.

Well we all know that you will always be busy but is not making more money worth spending dome time to see if you can make it work for you business? Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica has thought this out and is here to help you manage this process and new office so give us a call to learn how easy we can make it for you. 

  • I can’t manage another office I do not have the time. 

So you never planned on getting bigger than just one office? I do not believe that so you must know that you can do it if you just try. Yes you will need help and thats what Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica does we help you open and run your own office nearshore. 

  • I cant come to Jamaica and train my staff.

Really! Why not? I can tell you that this is non negotiable as thats the only way it will be successful. You must make sacrifices to gain greatness and achieve success. 

  • They have bad accents.

This is not true the truth is they speak better English that most college educated people in the USA. They were a British Colony until 1962 and they speak the Queens English not the slang ridden language that Americans have adopted. 

If you want to learn more about Jamaica and how you can open a shop there contact me at [email protected]