The More Currencies You Allow Someone To Pay You In, The More Likely You Are To Get Paid

Just like we are in charge of our attitude we are also in charge of how we allow people to interact with us. If you block the ways you allow people to communicate and interact with you, you are also blocking how they can make you happy. Many of us tend to only allow our friends, family and business partners to deal with us through certain channels or currencies. We block the way someone can deal with us, which blocks their ability to please us or give us what we want from them. How do you open up all the currencies so that you can get paid?

First, let’s discuss some of the currencies or channels we communicate in. We are familiar with direct Communication or in other words, talking to someone face-to-face, but nowadays we have so many other types of communication that are not direct, such as texting. With the innovation of messaging applications such as Windows messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat —— and many more, a large majority of our communication is not face to face. Additionally, we also have emails and other written channels by which to communicate.

So why do we limit ourselves to certain channels of communication? Generally, a person prefers one or two channels depending upon the type of communication he is dealing with. As a society we have replaced most of our direct communications with emails and text messaging, yet we  have not spent time understanding how to communicate better in those channels. Large companies have whole departments that deal with every communication channel known to man because they want to make sure they don’t miss any possible sales opportunities. As a person, you need to open up to as many channels as possible so that you can communicate better with the world around you.

Why do we just accept some currencies? 

As  human beings we tend to follow trends in communication just like we do in fashion. Almost everyone has a cellphone and every cellphone has a texting option so cellular texting is one of the most common communication channels available. But that same cellphone has a dozen or more applications that cannot only text words but also images, Live streams and videos. Many of the new applications  target the younger generation who have only known communication via a cellphone or some other application. This group  is much more likely to use four or five texting applications. The older generation, such as the baby boomers, may only use cellphone texting and possibly Skype as those were the applications first introduced to them.

Generally, we only want to communicate in ways that we are comfortable with; the more comfortable we are the more likely we are to communicate freely, openly and truthfully. So allowing someone to communicate with you in a fashion that best suits him will allow you to get the best information through communication. Asking someone to communicate with you in a fashion that is either unfamiliar or difficult for him will only get you bad communication and short answers.


How do you rehabilitate your mind to accept payments in all currencies? 

If you want to be able to accept all currencies from the people you deal with in your personal and business interactions, then you need to be willing to communicate with them through the channel of their choice. It’s not really rehabilitating yourself to accept payments and all currencies but it is rehabilitating yourself to listen and be willing to accept communication in any fashion it comes in. The better listener you become, the better communicator you will be, whether the communication is written, texted, told by images or a video, you need to accept that channel of communication and do your best to understand the message

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