Are You Paying Too Much To Collect Your Money? Are you paying for stuff you don’t use?

What if you could pay rent only for the hours your office is open?
What if you could pay just for production hours and not pay for hours the office is closed?
What if that all in cost was $10 hourly per seat and included the employees payroll?
What if included not just the employee it included the computers, chairs, electric bill, IT department, HR, air conditioners, payroll services and everything else?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions here is your solution.

As you know Lighthouse Consulting has the premier operational consultant to the debt collection industry for decades now. What I am doing today is helping my clients open their own office in Jamaica by setting it up and hiring staff for one hourly cost. I set up computers, chairs, break rooms, firewalls, IT switches and all needed to run a call centre. I then add the staff, IT support, HR support, Payroll and more and rent it to you at around $10 hourly. No hidden costs just $10 per production hour.

It is YOUR OFFICE meaning you must have a collection system for the staff to log into in the Cloud they are calling in your name. You must train that staff and manage the staff daily. You will need to come to Jamaica to get the initial training completed and then you can manage the office remotely on a daily basis with occasional island visits to train and develop. I provide cameras to help you manage remotely and the use of messaging, Skype, screen shares is normal and effective.

The staff are very trainable and desire to lean which is refreshing compared to the staff available in the US in 2018. The call centre business in the largest industry behind the #1 tourism industry. Most Fortune 500 companies are on the island running call centres. Xerox, Vistaprint, Amazon, AT&T and very major airline are all heavily invested in call centres in Jamaica.

In conclusion, you can have an office open in Jamaica with almost no upfront monies and pay by the production hour, as little as $10 hourly. You must train and develop the staff and manage the office remotely but you will have the help and advise of Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica. The thing to remember is that it is YOUR OFFICE so collection strategies, technology and oversight is yours to deploy.

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