How My Clients Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

Lighthouse Consulting has been helping its clients to gain an edge over the competition since 2001. We have been helping our clients create Six Sigma process improvements for the collection industry and we have learned that execution is just as important as the strategy. 

I have helped many clients create wonderful strategies but along the way their execution model has hindered the overall improvements of the strategy. That is why the strategy must be tailored to meet the company not the other way around. After consulting in this industry for 20 years I have determined what the best practices, strategies and technologies create the highest return but it only works if it fits your culture. 

The connection between a strategy and the companies culture, training, technology and the accounts being worked is very strong. The perfect strategy will fail if it does not meet the company’s culture. Lighthouse Consulting first spends the time to understand the skill level of the staff performing the task, the culture of that staff and their willingness accept the changes before a new strategy is created. 

When I perform an initial consultation for a new client it is more about staff evaluation that process evaluation, that is why It must be performed onsite. Truthfully the processes can easily be evaluated remotely but it is my assessment of the key personal that will drive the whole consultation therefore an eye to eye eval is best. 

The next step after a new strategy has been created is the buy in from the staff to the changes.  This step will determine how successful the new strategy is not the new strategy itself. Lighthouse has always spent lots of time to get the buy-in to all new process from the key personnel so the strategies will succeed and in fact thrive in there environment. If the strategy fits the company ,the strategy will be successful. This is how Lighthouse Consulting makes sure there is no execution gap when we create new processes. The correlation between culture, staff and processes is strong and must be addressed properly. 

If you need improvements that fit your culture, clients and staff give us a call. 

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