How Do Debt Buyers Xerox, AT&T, Collection Agencies, Vistaprint, and Major Airlines Handle Their Phone Communications? Jamaican Call Centres Thats How ????????

What do all these companies have in common? They all have call centers in Jamaica. Why? The ROI is why.
I first came to the island of Jamaica when I was placing business from Bombardier Capital with a Collection Agency from Philadelphia, Alliance One that had a nearshore operation in Montego Bay. As the auditor and manager both of all changed off inventory for Bombardier I went to audit the staff in Montego bay almost 20 years ago. At that time I was very surprised to find out that so many Fortune 500 companies had call centers in the same buildings. Xerox was the biggest call center at that time and they were actually n=more than the Xerox I know that was just into office copiers. Xerox Jamaica was a full service BPO and servicing many types of clients but lots of debt collections projects.
Today many large worldwide corporations have an office in Montego Bay or Kingston and some like Vistaprint have their complete call center operations on the island. There are several Worldwide BPO’s with offices in Montego Bay, Kingston and places like the Philippines, India and even France. Agents in Montego bay are calling into and answering calls from most English speaking countries, all over the world.
The call centre industry is the second largest industry on the island only behind Tourism. The island is set up for this industry from the high school levels of English to the present nature of its workers.
Lighthouse Consulting has been helping debt buyers, collection agencies and creditors set up their own offices in Jamaica. This business model has been working well for my clients because its their shop in their name, have created a turnkey operation for ease of set up and operation.
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