In a way this should be the motto of all debt collectors. When I started as a bill collector in the late 1970’s one of the first things I was taught by GC Services was that it was a numbers business. I was told I could expect that only X% of the accounts would pay so I should expect severals “no’s” for every ‘yes”. So when I got a no or a yes I was a happy collector because I was told that my job entailed getting “no’s and yes’s”. This helped me from getting frustrated as both the “no’s and yes’s” were part of the job expectation.

So the truth about debt collection is its a contact sport, get that contact with the consumer and find out if its a no or a yes. Most US trainers do not teach this anymore they teach a mentality that the yes is the only answer that your looking for which leads to a much different mental attitude for the debt collector. If my job is to get several no’s to my one yes then I am just as happy to get the third no in a row as I am to get the one yes, as its moving me closer to another yes.

So the statement that everyone won’t, but someone will explained the mentality that is really required to deal with todays consumers. This is the message a very compliant shop will push to their staff. This is what Lighthouse Consulting teaches in its collector training classes.

Here are other segments included in the Lighthouse Collector Training program;

  • Listening skills
  • Patience pays off with information
  • Use the mute button to hear better
  • Sell on term not payment amount
  • Own the negotiation with one easy move

The Lighthouse training program focusses on teaching collector skills not compliance requirements or asset class distinctions. We teach everything your not already teaching and we will reenforce your primary teaching solutions at the same time. We teach the collectors from their level and do not try to teach over their heads.

The program is a 3.5 hour program and can be performed for as little as $60 per staff member *with a minimum of 50 staff. Everyone won’t train the basics but Lighthouse does.

Call Phillip W. Duff for more info at 305-853-8773

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