“None are so blind as those who will not see”

We all think we know more than the guy next to us especially about our job. We believe we know better how to run the department than our boss does and definitely could run the company better than the owner does. We know we know better than our spouse how to do things around the house and we can definitely play golf better than our Saturday golf partner. But are we really better or just refusing to see?

I meet three kinds of business owners when I do my consulting the first is the owner who thinks there might be a few things that need to be improved but he still thinks all is great, this person is looking through squinted eyes to view the business I call this theQuarterback. The quarterback thinks he is the strong link that holds the team together and he does a superb job but the receivers and running backs need some coaching. Likely the team members think the quarterback needs to train a little harder as well.

The second type is open to the advice for changes and has their eyes wide open this is the Inspector strategy. This person will listen to any advice and take most of it but only after close inspection of the advice and its expected impact on the department. The inspector needs someone to help him find improvements as he just inspects he does not create.

The last type of business owner is blind. He cannot fathom that anyone could improve his company or processes, he is not willing to accept outside advice I call this the One-Man Band syndrome. The one-man band is the worst type of business owner, he is not willing to accept advice or make changes he just keeps doing what he has been doing for decades.

Well by now you are categorizing yourself as the inspector with a little quarterback mixed in. At least you are normal, but chances are you fit one of these categories. It is fine to be in whatever category you fall into; the trick is learning to be the Inspector/quarterback.

“None are so blind as those who will not see” is an old Hispanic saying but it is very true of many businessmen, you must have your eyes wide open at all times in this industry and during this economic crisis.

The truth is we all need coaching from the CEO or managing partner to the new hire at your firm. All great athletes will tell you they would have never reached the top without great coaching. When you want to get better at sports, playing a musical instrument, physical fitness, cooking skills, excel skills, basket weaving or auto repair you take a class, hire a personal trainer, attend a seminar or ask for help from a professional. When you need help in your ARM business you can call Lighthouse Consulting and get the coaching you need to get to the top and stay there.

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