Testimonials 1

“Our biggest surprise was the strength of the staff in Jamaica, we never knew this existed. “

Jill H.

“The quality of the staff that Lighthouse Consulting provided us was better than we can get in the States.”

Jimmy G

“You have to go see what Lighthouse is doing in Jamaica to truly appreciate the quality of the program”

Jeff D.

I remember asking Phil if he thought the staff in Jamaica could collect and he simply said “yes”. Then in the first week of training my staff in Jamaica I stated to him that I thought that Kelly-Ann was the best debt collector I had ever seen. This has been a great experience, thanks Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica!

Sean Micheal

When we were looking for new strategies in order to work a new type of business in our collection agency Phil was able to show us strategies we had never used and helped us refine those collection channels. This allowed us to build a new line of business and a new line of profits on business we saw as unprofitable.

P. C. Jones

Phillip Duff and Lighthouse Consulting have been helping us to grow and find hidden profits for many years. We would not be where we are today without the knowledge and mentor ship shared with us by Lighthouse Consulting.

James Katz

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