Why Haven’t You Opened A Collection Shop In Jamaica Yet?

As a debt buyer your profits depend on just two things; production numbers and production costs. If you can reduce both then your profits increase. Jamaica provides both of the things above and it can be your office not someone else’s. By owning and managing the collections in Jamaica yourself you insure success.

Lighthouse Consulting Jamaica has helped several debt buyers, collection agencies and others in the collection industry to open offices in Jamaica. First let’s explore the island and call centres, here is a excerpt from a previous article form Lighthouse Consulting.

“The island of Jamaica in the Caribbean houses the largest group of English speaking call centre workers in the Caribbean. Jamaica is the home to many large call centres and lots more medium and small centres. There are large global call centres like Vistaprint, Xerox, Sutherland Global and many more. They are servicing clients  in English speaking countries all over the world and doing all types of phone campaigns. Technical support, sales, customer service, debt collection and more are performed for clients like AT&T, Amazon, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Fingerhut and even international pizza joints. If it’s a phone and the English language Jamaica is the best place to do business.”  https://www.lighthouseconsultinginc.com/anatomy-of-a-call-centre-worker-in-jamaica/

A great staff member is one who aspires to learn, can be taught, has values aligned with the company, is loyal and comes at a reasonable cost. The issue is 80% of the current staffing pool throughout the US does not meet any of those requirements. So that means that 80% of the people you hire will not still be employed with you in 6-12 months because they do not have what it takes to succeed. This is causing collection agencies in the US to hire 3 people for every seat they own annually and its also keeping most from filling their seats or increasing their staff size to grow. A client in Atlanta recently told me he had 20 seats and sends 80+ W-2’s at the end of the year. This was an excerpt from a previous article https://www.lighthouseconsultinginc.com/do-you-need-a-better-solution-to-your-labor-issues/

So the staff in Jamaica are professional and want to work. They are great employees. And best of all with the help of Lighthouse Consulting you can have that advantage for as low as $10 hourly including everything from computers to staff.

Lighthouse Consulting has created a way for you to set up your own call centre in Jamaica with a fixed cost that is 1/3 or less of your current costs to collect. You can rent everything you need for an hourly rate and not have to worry about surprises. You pay per hour and thats it. All you need to provide is training and accounts to work on your system.

Let me answer all your questions in a 10 minute call and show you why you should be doing business in sunny Jamaica.

Phillip Duff 305-853-8773

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