Talent Is Largely Personality In The Right Place

Do you have your employees in the right position? Or worse yet are you not providing your staff the tools they need to succeed?

As a consultant to the debt collection industry my clients open up to me about all of their problems and often what I see is that that the company is not giving the staff everything they need to succeed. Often its because the staff are not interested in what the business owner is saying and the training they are providing. Often the problem lies in the delivery of the message not the actual message.

Many companies do not know how to communicate with their staff in 2017, the style of communication has changed so drastically that many operators are teaching to the deaf and blind because they are teaching the wrong way for the staff they are employing. They need to hire differently or teach differently.

If you desire to teach your staff the way they learn you will get superior results but if you continue to teach the old way you will be teaching to a brick wall. Lighthouse has found that if you can taylor the message that you deliver to the staff to is better consumed. Lighthouse Consulting has developed many channels to teach your staff and we know that using many channels is the correct process. In addition we have proved many times that using a third party to train like Lighthouse Consulting the message is better absorbed.

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