Lighthouse Consulting Employee Survey Program

Get “E.S.P.” On Your Staff and Save $200 for a Limited Time By Purchasing the Lighthouse Employee Survey Program Before October 5th, 2014.

As a consultant to the ARM industry, I have developed many tools to help owners and managers get a TRUE idea of what is going on within the organization at the supervisor and staff level. What I most often discover is that most owners only have a clear picture of what the managers are doing and saying and have little to no contact with the staff performing the daily tasks. In most every case, I discover that those individuals performing the daily tasks of the agency or law firm, are many times the best suited to provide valuable insight and propose enhanced operational techniques that can drive tremendous efficiency and productivity…if someone would only reach out and ask for their input.

This is why I have created The Lighthouse Employee Survey Program; a service designed to uncover hidden problems and gain enhanced operational insight from your staff. I use this program extensively with my consulting clients and I am never disappointed with the outcome.

I have seen an increase of staffing issues in my recent consultations that stems from many factors in today’s marketplace. I have developed many questions to help me and my clients understand those staffing issues so solutions can be developed to increase productivity and improve staff contentment and job performance. For the first time I am now offering this tool to the industry as a service.

The Lighthouse Employee Survey Program or Lighthouse ESP is now available online for managing partners and owners to use and evaluate the current state of their staff. In addition Lighthouse consulting will review the completed surveys, compile the results and issue a synopsis of the findings with recommendations for improvement.

The Lighthouse ESP Program Includes:

Secure, online survey for all staff to complete
Data aggregation of the input
Review of data by Lighthouse Consulting
Written synopsis of the findings and recommendations from Lighthouse Consulting
1 hour phone consultation with Phillip W. Duff the CEO of Lighthouse Consulting
Starting at just $399 (Regularly $599) and limited to the first 25 respondents
Contact Lighthouse Consulting by Completing the Form Below, or Call Us at (904) 687-1687

The Lighthouse Employee Survey Program starts at $399 (Regularly $599) for up to a 49 staff surveys and then just $5 per employee survey thereafter.

This offer is strictly limited to the first 25 respondents and the offer expires on October 5th 2014.

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Phillip W. Duff

Phillip W. Duff the Founder of Lighthouse Consulting was trained in Six Sigma while working for Bombardier Capital in 2001, and is highly successful helping organizations improve their processes using the Six Sigma methodology. Mr. Duff has consulted with numerous companies over the last 10 years and has shown the ability to enact cultural change in a company. He has also initiated programs proven to drive positive revenue growth both as an employee and a consultant. His focus is to help CEO’s with a focus on growth. His knowledge of technology and background in debt collections have combined to help companies automate processes and identify which processes provide profits. Mr. Duff has also developed a unique process of initiating cultural change as a part of developing a revenue-driven atmosphere in a variety of formats. This unique philosophy and technique are unseen to date. His substantial experience in the collection industry, Six Sigma core competency and extensive industry relationships can provide you and your team a matchless perspective into your accounts receivable business or any business strategy.

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