Why Haven’t You Opened A Collection Shop In Jamaica Yet?

As a debt buyer your profits depend on just two things; production numbers and production costs. If you can reduce both then your profits increase. Jamaica provides both of the things above and it can be your office not someone else’s. By owning and managing the collections in Jamaica yourself you insure success. Lighthouse Consulting […]

Do You Need A Better Solution To Your Labor Issues?

The debt collection industry has changed drastically over the last 40 years and today one of my clients biggest issues are hiring and retention of good staff. The biggest issues I see in my consulting practice is my clients constant staff turnover. That’s why I have expended so much time finding and designing solutions to […]

Lighthouse Consulting’s Jamaican Call Centres Provide Disaster Assistance To Hurricane Stricken Collection Agencies in the USA

Following Hurricanes Irma and Harvey many debt collection agencies and many other call centre operations have been disrupted. Yes most had or have a disaster plan and can move seats to another location or maybe another city but this is past a weather disaster, it is actually a much bigger problem for the agencies and […]

How Do You Pick Out The Great Negotiators In Your Staff? By Their Personality Traits Of Course.

What is it that makes a great negotiator? Why does one person always outperform the others in the staff? Its their personality! Many articles and books have been written about how to negotiate more effectively but the advice they offer is often difficult to apply. Research in personality traits provides help in predicting an individual’s ability […]

If Your Afraid Of Getting A Bad Apple Don’t Go To The Barrel Go Directly To The Tree

This is a quote from the movie “Untouchables” and in one part of the movie they were talking about being able to find cops who were not corrupt. Today many creditors, collection agencies and law firms are having trouble with staffing for many reasons, one of the biggest is employees come with too many bad […]

Anatomy Of A Call Centre Worker In Jamaica

Anatomy Of A Call Centre Worker In Jamaica The island of Jamaica in the Caribbean houses the largest group of English speaking call centre workers in the Caribbean. The number 2 business in Jamaica is Call centres. Tourism is the number 1 industry but there are an estimated 150,000 call centre workers on the island […]

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