Lighthouse Consulting Goes International

PRESS RELEASE June 1, 2017 Phillip W. Duff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Consulting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Karl Graham as Vice President of Caribbean Operations. Mr. Graham has a long history of Call Center success in the United States and the Caribbean having worked in executive positions for major […]

Self pay healthcare accounts should be self pay collection accounts. Your how to guide to self cure.

As the world of collections changes and healthcare has taken over as the primary business line over credit cards the way we do collections has changed also. Self Pay healthcare is defined as “Self–paying is a term used to describe someone who choose to pay for their treatment directly rather than using private health insurance. […]

Your clients reputation is at stake! How do you protect it?

Online reputation is everything today. No-one really ask live people for references any more they look at various sites online to see reviews and complaints. and as well as are the new reference providers to the web save consumer. The problem is when you as a collection provider get a complaint in […]

Maybe You Can Join Me In Cleaning Up The Collection Industries Online Reputation

Lighthouse Consulting wants every collection provider to make an effort to not only clean up their online reputation but actually create good reviews. And best of all we have a cost efficient way to do it.  There are two parts to reputation management the first is to quickly respond to and negative reviews and second […]

Q: Why are you holding your company back? A: Its your limitations, the ones you set for yourself and your staff.

Where did you get these limitations from?  Unfortunately you were taught these limitations by your bosses, the industry and your even your mentors. From the first day you entered the industry people told you what you can’t do or what was not allowed by regulations and seldom have they told you WHAT TO DO. And […]

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