3 Things you should do before 2015 to achieve success in the ARM industry

Planning! Yes it is very important to have a detail plan of the direction of your company in order to achieve the best results. I know you have one in your mind but what good is it doing the staff stored in your mind? If you want the staff to buy into the plan they have to be able to understand it at a detailed level and believe it is obtainable.

Here are three things you can do help create and spread the message. The first is to clearly define the direction of the company and make the definition clearly understood by ALL the staff. I use a strategic planing form I call the SUCCESS DASHBOARD to help my clients put the plan on paper and to cover all the items critical to its success. Items like the Core values, Marketing targets, Brand promise and Financial goals are included in the form and it allows the CEO and key staff to clearly define the objectives needed to obtain success in the coming month, 90 days, year and further. (If you desire a copy of the SUCCESS DASHBOARD please contact me at phil@lighthouseconsultinginc.com)


Secondly, It is very important to take the goals you have just created and then create an Action Plan to help achieve the objectives. The Action Plan must include both short term and long term goals and have a clear plan as to the key players and the items that are critical to success. The items must be closely measured over the time period and changes in the plan may be required in the milestones deemed critical to success that are not being met.

And third the success plan must be shared and distributed to the staff in a way that allows the staff to understand and buy into the items that are critical to success of the Action Plan. It is also very important to show the staff the managements commitment to make the plan successful and to share with the staff its milestones along the way.

The plan must be printed and presented to the staff in a format that they can absorb and understand. The staff must also believe the goals are obtainable and that management will do whats needed to meet the goals.

If you can follow these three simple steps you will be on the way to success in 2015.

If you have not yet done this then then time is now, good luck in 2015!