Announcing J.P. Hanson as VP of National Sales for Lighthouse Consulting the ARM industries trusted resource since 2003

Lighthouse Consulting would like to announce J. P. Hanson as Vice President of National Sales for Lighthouse Consulting, LLC. Mr. Hanson has joined Lighthouse Consulting to help increase and service the client base and to further the impact that Lighthouse Consulting can make assisting the ARM industry to gain efficiencies and reduce costs. Mr. Hanson will be responsible to create sales opportunities for Lighthouse and its clients.

Mr. Hanson has been trained in Six Sigma and has been involved in the collection industry for over 20 years. Mr. Hanson is an Account Receivable Management (ARM) Industry Leader with broad experience in Consumer Risk Management. Mr. Hanson is well versed with operations and financial management including start-up business, budgeting and all facets of profit and loss.

“We are very happy to have J. P. as part of the Lighthouse team with his Six Sigma core competency, his years of experience in the industry and his strong industry relationships we are sure he will be an great asset to Lighthouse Consulting.’” said Mr. Phillip W. Duff the CEO of Lighthouse Consulting, LLC.

Mr. Hanson stated, “ The opportunity of working under the great name of Lighthouse Consulting was one I could not pass up. Mr. Duff has spend a decade creating a well respected reputation and it is an honor to be working under the Lighthouse umbrella.”

Lighthouse Consulting creates solutions for the ARM industry, Compliance solutions, Operational solutions, marketing opportunities, and Six Sigma process improvements. Since 2003

Lighthouse Consulting has been the industries trusted resource for solutions to today’s complex industry issues.

Do you understand the cost to get (or lose) a new client?

As our industry continues to change it is staggering the amount of work, effort, documentation and verification that is required to take on a new contingency collection client. The questions asked in these RFI’s are unbelievable. When I am looking at some of these RFIs from potential clients I do understand why they are asking so many questions. The questions come from fear of the unknown. The unknown are regulations.
When consulting with my clients I suggested they create an information package to be used in their sales department that will answer most of the questions the placers of business are asking these days. But creating this package often takes 100’s of hours of work and the resources of many departments with in the agency. Unfortunately once that’s done the potential client still wants their RFI completed, there goes another 20 hours. The cost is becoming staggering just to entertain a potential client. And we’re not talking about the cost of dinner or a site visit. We’re talking about just the cost to prepare documents and answer questions about who you are and how you will collect the money.
How you will collect the money is a question everyone is most concerned with. Whatever happened to the good old days when they just wanted to know how much money you could collect? All you had to do was show them batch-tracks from other clients and you got the business. “Those were the good old days.”
Now you may invest $2000-$5000 just to complete documents and answer questions of a potential client. My question is is this something you have to consider in your business plan? I’ll bet you don’t have a strong enough marketing plan to meet the requirements of todays marketplace.
Do you have a website with strong SEO?
Do you have an extensive marketing package that you send to potential clients?
Do you have a real marketing plan? In other words what makes you different from everyone else?
Do you have something no one else has?
Do you have more compliance that everyone else? How? Why?
It’s extremely important for you to be able to stand out in today’s marketplace the ability to show you are more compliant, technologically advanced and able to deal with today’s complex and daily changing compliance issues on a state and federal level. How are you doing that?
If you can’t answer all these questions at a high-level then you’re going to spend more money to get or lose a new client.
Lighthouse Consulting creates marketing plans for their clients. Let me know if you need help.
Phillip W. Duff