When do I lift my skirt a little bit?

When you are involved with a debt sale, merger and acquisition, dealing with a consultant or just a sales opportunity there are times in which you should lift your skirt a little and let the party on the other side of the table see your vulnerabilities and your processes.

Many people have a difficult time showing other people how they do business and where their weaknesses lie. When any of us do self-evaluation it is often hard to share the gory results with other people. In fact often we do not even admit our own weaknesses to ourselves. So the question is how, when and to whom do we release this sensitive information?

As a consultant I am often faced with how other CEO’s and COO’s are going to lift their skirt to me. I am the doctor so as a consultant I am one of the people to whom you should lift your skirt and lift it high when engaging for a consultation. But often I find that the managing partner or collection manager tries to hide their deficiencies from themselves and from me.

In order to make significant change happen in your organization you must lift your skirt and evaluate yourself closely. What you find will determine if you can make changes yourself or you may require help (a consultant). A good consultant will find the truth within the organization and can provide the needed change plan but until the decision maker will lift his own skirt and self-evaluate the business and personnel the changes will not be implemented and change will not occur.

If you are in a debt sale or M&A negotiation then you need to lift your skirt high enough for the person on the other side of the table to make a firm solid decision but so far as to expose your personal deficiencies. If you are in a sales opportunity it is often best to discuss the limitations of the product as well as the key positive factors.

Many people in this business refuse to lift their skirt to themselves and this has left them in the past. This group is still doing things close to the same way they were 10-20-40 years ago. There is also a group of rising businessmen that have no skirts and go around trying every new process and ideas, this group finds many jewels in the constant search but often need to find focus to gain real traction.

We all have to spend a few minutes and soul search ourselves and our businesses if you find you could use some help to make positive changes we can help.